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Aerosol Silver Zinc Satin Finish Bare Metal Paint

Aerosol Silver Zinc Satin Finish Bare Metal Paint

£15.12 inc. VAT

400ML Acid Etch Primer Undercoat paint
One component quick drying acid etch primer with excellent adhesion and anti-corrosion characteristics, for the protection of steel, zinc-plated sheet metal and aluminium. High build and easy to sand this etch primer can be overcoated with any type of automotive paint.
Ready for use.
• Super adhesion acid etch.
• Fast drying.
• Can be overcoated with virtually any automotive paint.
• Available in grey, black, white & beige.
• Easy to sand and prepare.
• Great for spot & full body repairs.
• Rust inhibitor properties.
• Can be used on aluminium, brass, copper, zinc, bare steel, iron & certain plastics.

Directions for use:
Remove any loose paint or coatings from item to be primed or painted. Lightly sand area with 1200g wet & dry sand paper. Degrease with panel wipe or solvent degreaser to remove any oils or silicones on the surface.
Use only in temperatures above 10 degrees centigrade to ensure paint adhesion is activated. Apply one light dust coat to surface and wait 5 minutes for this to dry. Apply 2 more medium coats of primer waiting 5-10 minutes between coats. As with all primes the primer must be overcoated with a finishing paint to prevent primer absorbing moisture from the atmosphere.



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