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Ford Frozen White 2K Direct Gloss Car Paint Colour Kit 750mm – 7.5L

Ford Frozen White 2K Direct Gloss Car Paint Colour Kit 750mm – 7.5L

£17.94£129.60 inc. VAT

This 2K Premium vehicle paint (sometimes called 2 pack or twin pack paint) is used extensively in the vehicle body repair centres, restoration trades and car enthusiasts. This paint provides a high gloss finish without the need to add a clear lacquer. Excellent coverage and build and a fine finish are effortlessly achieved with this superb coating.
A durable and hardwearing paint that will retain its lovely gloss sheen for many years ensuring your vehicle is protected from the elements whilst delivering a first-class finish
This paint is mixed 2:1 + 10- 20 % with thinners for spraying.
For example: 1 Litre 2K Paint is mixed with ½ Litre 2K Activator & 100 -200ML 2K Thinners (depending on gun set-up)

• Direct Gloss Finish – No Lacquer Required
• Petrol & Oil Resistant
• Standard Original Shade
• Unbeatable Coverage
• High Yield Coating
• Superb Ultra High Gloss Finish
• Tough & Durable Protection
• Fast Drying
• Over 20,000 Colours Available
• Steyer First Class Quality
• Excellent Colour Match to the Original Colour
• All Colours mixed by our highly experienced blending & mixing team.

*Please note: This paint requires a suitable mask to protect the user whilst spraying.



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