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R902 Crafter Grey White Aerosol Spray Paint Aerosol Grauweiss 400ML

R902 Crafter Grey White Aerosol Spray Paint Aerosol Grauweiss 400ML

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400ML VW Grey White R902 Direct Gloss Aerosol Spray Paint

This high Quality Steyer VW R902 Grey White Direct Gloss Aerosol Spray Paint (colour code R902), in a 400ml can with an adjustable nozzle fan spray, gives a perfect finish. Prized by trade professionals, this automotive paint solution gives you an excellent colour match on your white VW and a high gloss finish with no lacquer required. It’s tough, durable and non-yellowing.

Steyer recommends that two or three coats be applied over cellulose primer or 2-pack acrylic primers, leaving at least 10 minutes between coats. The paint will be air dry at 20°C after 30 minutes, service dry after 24 hours.

This aerosol spray product is just one of more than 20,000 paint products produced by Steyer, manufactured in Somerset and distributed across the UK, for use in the automotive and refinishing markets.

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